Clearly, The Job Has To Go

By Mike Johnson

Routine & habit can mask just how much we dislike our job.

The alarm. The shower. Leaving your family.
The costume. The commute. Kooky coworkers.
Crappy commanders. Conscription to a clock & calendar. Constant captivity.

One day leads to another which leads to another. Focused on the moment-to-moment mundane, decades slip through our fingers.

Half of you have just gone defensive, mentally defending your misery.

That’s OK, I’ve been there. But brace yourself. Here comes the devastating question.

If you had unlimited money, would you still get up and go to that job?

Gut punch.

Hell no.

Perhaps this sums up your career:

“I was too chicken-shit afraid to live my life so I sold it to you for $300 a week!”
– Joe Banks, “Joe vs. the Volcano”

Double gut punch.

OK, you’ve suffered enough. I’m done beating on you. Here’s your medicine.

You don’t need a job, you need INCOME.

There are MANY ways to earn income without holding a job. In fact, a hundred years ago, farming & entrepreneurship were the predominate ways to earn a living.

No job.

In those days, the majority survived financially by selling people what they needed.

The wiser among them, sold things they enjoyed creating.

The wisest among them owned the "need networks" and just managed the managers of the operation.

This opportunity still exists. Ironically, many of these “needs” are goods & services sold to job-slaves who are so time-starved they’re unable to complete the simplest tasks.

Familiar with the Gold Rush? Statistically, the people who made out the best weren’t the miners. It was the smarter guys who sold supplies to the miners.

Job-holders are the miners (work the hardest but rarely strike it rich). Entrepreneurs are the supply-sellers. Passive income guys own the supply distribution network.

If you can succeed at a job, you are intelligent and industrious enough to research, write and implement your own escape plan.

Freedom is worth the effort. Once you’ve overcome time and money, you can do anything.

Like express yourself.



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