I Fought the Lawn & The Lawn Won

By Mike Johnson

I used to love mowing the lawn because I could see physical results. I could stand back, admire my work and see real evidence of my efforts.
Unlike my necktie jobs, where after 8 hours all I had was tension, memories and an empty in-box. Not much evidence of effort there.

So I found mowing enjoyably fulfilling. But grass never stops growing.

Did my thousands of hours mowing ever really make a difference? I canít see all those mowed lawns now.

But what I can see is the achievement of plans and dreams hatched while mowing. Mundane physical activity has always been a great idea laboratory. Your body is distracted so your mind is free to roam.

Iíve mentally created many businesses while mowing. Also dreamed of writing, Wyoming, log homes and passive income.

Once, while mowing my yard in Florida, I even received an epiphany directly from God.

ďOf all the challenges we face on earth, money is the easiest to overcome.Ē

The message imprinted so powerfully, from that point on, I became fearless in the ways of generating income outside of jobs.

The journey wasnít always smooth but it was always invigorating. Itís a rush to throw yourself upon your wits. You wake up knowing your next meal depends on your ability to create and sell something out of thin air.

Itís all on you. Your life becomes a report card that broadcasts your performance for all to see.

Youíre firing on all cylinders, fully exposed, with witnesses. It's great training to drop the fear of what others think.

Over time, your results negate the pressure of hunger, the pressure to generate paychecks, the pressure to pay bills. You start checking off dreams, one at a time.

Geography. House. Passive income. Time. Freedom.

Decades later, you realize you mowed thousands of acres of lawns. But all that grass grew back. Somebody else is now mowing all those yards. All your prior work is invisible. It's as if you never lived.

Unless you leave something behind. Something more valuable than a trimmed yard. Something like an epiphany directly from God.

Of all the challenges we face on earth, money is the easiest to overcome.


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