Proof From Old Grand Dad

By Mike Johnson

When this old grand dad leaped off the job cliff 31 years ago, *I* became the product that had to be sold.
To convince someone to buy, you have to provide compelling proofs.

In today's world, these proofs must be created digitally for emails and websites.

Start with a resume so people can quickly see your experience and skills. This is basic.

Next come testimonials. Testimonials from delighted customers are VERY compelling. Testimonials are an easy way to get people to sell YOU, for YOU, to others you donít yet influence.

It's not difficult to get testimonials. Just provide the customer great results and capture their response in writing. Or directly ask. Most are happy to do so.

Next, offer a personal guarantee. Make it sincere. Make it impressive.

Now add anything else that shows you know what youíre doing. Link examples of actual work if possible.

Finally, add a photo to make it personal. People hire people, not proofs. But proofs show you are a competent and honest PERSON.

Here is how I used proofs to gain writing clients.

The other massive benefit of compiling proofs is they convince YOU that youíre worthy. They reinforce your confidence and certainty that you can benefit prospects. Once you truly convince yourself, you realize youíre doing prospects a favor by contacting them.

You KNOW you can help them.

Now youíre no longer selling, youíre SHARING. The stress of a sales call evaporates because it's now an offer to HELP.

Now take it a step higher. Make an offer that provides far more value than the expense of your fee.

Now you've become a money machine. The more projects they give you, the more return on investment they EARN.

Perform at this level my friend, and you've organically distilled yourself to 100 Proof.


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