Best Income Idea Generator: Yellow Pages

By Mike Johnson

Jobs were never truly secure. Today, they are truly INsecure.
Your time and your income are far too important to depend on some job.
OWNING your income stream is the most security possible here on earth.
But what should that ownership be?

That depends on your self-image, self-confidence, interests, passion and skills.

You can buy an existing, proven business or income property.
You can buy an outlet in a proven franchise system.
You can start your own business from scratch.

You donít have to reinvent the wheel. Just find a good wheel somewhere else and roll it over to your area.
The best income idea generator is the Yellow Pages.

They list virtually every business. Just acquire one from any large city. The larger the city, the more pages, the more ideas.

Now grab a legal pad, a pen and a favorite beverage. Sit in your favorite work space. Do this at a time when youíre at your mental peak.

Now just start at page one and scan every business listing, every display ad, on every page. Youíre looking for any business that lights you up but is not yet available in your area.
Write it down. Write all down that qualify.

After progressing from A through Z, youíll have a large list of proven business opportunities that might work in your town. Now review those and rate them as 1, 2 or 3.

Your list of number 1ís are the sweet spot. Now rank all those as 1, 2 or 3.

These number 1's are your best honey holes. These deserve deeper research.

Youíre looking for a business that seems fun, needed, profitable and simple, while also being within your interest, skill set and capital range.

Remember that good ideas attract money. A good idea, presented with passion, can gain the money needed to launch. So donít let lack of money close doors before looking deeper.

Business ownership is the best learning and growth laboratory on earth. It can also lead to financial and time freedom.

Succeed with that and youíve developed elite skills that can tackle anything.


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