Seed Money

By Mike Johnson

You create everything in your life out of thin air.
One day you didnít have it. Today you do.
The distance between desire and attainment is filled with imagination and inspired action.

This process works with businesses too.

You donít need money to start. You need a good idea and a burning desire.
A good idea, properly presented, attracts the money needed to start the business.

Here are some ways to come up with money to launch your new business.

Credit card. Make monthly payments until you gain traction, or push yourself to earn enough to pay it all back before the next statement arrives.

Vendor credit. Buy the needed business equipment from a vendor that will finance.

Sell in advance. Bundle a yearís worth of services or supplies and offer a discount to prospects for paying in cash, right now.

Take a silent partner. Borrow their money today and repay it in a year with a higher-than-normal interest rate.

Sell that second car. Or ATV. Or RV. When the business succeeds you can buy replacements.

Bank. Take out a loan against another asset. Or write a solid business plan and get a commercial business loan.

There are many ways to skin a cat without skinning the cat or anyone else. Just arrange things so it benefits all concerned.

Starting a new business is fun and creative. It massively speeds your personal growth. I really enjoyed those journeys.

But I eventually learned it takes far less effort, with much less risk, to just buy an already proven business or income property. Most small businesses sell by offering at least partial owner financing. Some will carry it all. So you need less money than you think.

Deal size all comes down to how large of a leap your self-worth and self-confidence can handle.

I've found it takes just as much effort to purchase a large deal as it does a small deal. But the rewards are much higher in the large deal.

Think big, be big, my man!


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