30 Below Zero

By Mike Johnson

The temperature here is 62 degrees below freezing.
Yet the house is warm. The coffee is hot. The donut is sweet.
The cars are snuggled inside the barn, block-heaters engaged.
The greenhouse heater protects its water pipes.

Its deeply fulfilling to enjoy the karma of your own forethought. If a roaring fireplace is part of that vision, all the better.

This is why people prepare for hard times during easy times.

Protected ourselves, were positioned to help others. We feed the deer. The bunnies. The birds.

The squirrels, who constantly DO prepare for winter by hiding our peanuts, continue to squirrel some away even during todays 30-below feeding. Its their nature.

In another 24 hours this arctic air will blow east and well return to normal temps. Christmas Day is forecast to hit 38 above. Quite a swing.

But until then, the world stops. Hunkers down. Snuggles in. Finds warm comfort inside, as the outside freezes and howls.

The best way to mitigate hard times is to prepare during easy times.


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