How I Became a Freelance Writer

By Mike Johnson

My passion to write was ignited in 1969. Mr. Synder, my 6th grade teacher, told us to write a short story and read it to the class.
My story involved a dream of Mr. Synder becoming a monkey. Luckily, he was a good sport.
The class laughed loudly in all the right places and the rush of adrenaline imprinted me deeply.
I was going to become a writer.

I dreamed of doing it 10,000 times before I ever took any concrete steps to get there.

Time advanced, I dove into jobs, married and had kids.

Swallowed by life, the writing dream got the scraps. Research was harder back then no Internet so my trial & error efforts were hurried and unfocused.

I had a burning desire but not enough life experience to have anything worthwhile to say. Let alone worth purchasing.

Fortunately, the universe stepped in to help.

The angst of jobs worked some magic. I learned plenty of real-world skills fleshed out by experience and results. I was good at my job and advanced quickly.

But over time, costumes, commutes, kooky coworkers and conscription to calendars all acted as a giant slingshot of frustration.

The tighter I recoiled from corporate captivity, the more appealing writing looked.

I finally quit corporate to write, launching myself into a free-fall plunge.

Id build keyboard wings on the way down.

Fortunately, I had more time than Id imagined.

Unfortunately, this was due to the fall being much longer than I imagined.

The reason I hadnt yet fulfilled my writing dream was because Id never fully engaged.

I was fully engaged now.

Now that Ive set the background, its time for your payoff.

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