Are You Useful?

By Mike Johnson

How are you paying for your ticket to this miraculous journey we call life?

Has your journey reduced the loads of others?
Does your presence brighten a room?
Have you shared advice about the skills youíve mastered?

Are you living the life youíll be proud to discuss in the afterlife?

Earth is tough duty. So much struggle and pain. Sprinkled with achievement and joy.

Perspective is the elixir needed to give yourself a life review before death.

Without looking at the big picture, you may auto-pilot right into a small life.

This big picture perspective only arrives in solitude.

Stimulus. Crowds. Activity. All are great for experience. But all are enemies of solitude.

To grow faster, you have to go slower.

For most, this is so difficult that itís an extremely rare event.

So when it arrives, make it count. If you want your life to matter, you must Take This Chance


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