Do You See Through Their Dogma?

By Mike Johnson

Life on earth encourages belief in untrue illusions.

Your birth was your beginning.
Your body is your identity.
Your death is your ending.

In reality, youíre a limitless, eternal soul, temporarily inhabiting a limited, physical body.

Enlightenment occurs as you see through illusions.

Those are the big illusions. Your life greatly improves when you gain this spiritual perspective.

These big illusions are difficult to see through when you're still fooled by the little earthly illusions.

Government is your ruler.
All their orders must be obeyed.
Government leaders have legitimate authority.

Fortunately, God rules and gave us sovereignty over every government and every leader on this planet. No matter their title or position.

In self-governing America, the state and federal constitutions list the small amount of authority God's people have delegated to government.

Anything government does or orders outside that authority is immediately unlawful, null and void. No courts or lawyers required. Just your own reading of the constitutions.

They are so out of control that much of everything they do is clearly outside their legal authority. Unlawful.

This means most of our leaders and all of our governments are criminal.

No one has to obey criminals.

Read those constitutions and learn that your freedoms are 100 times more than you currently believe.

Youíll learn that you do not have to:

Be their prey.

Can they still unlawfully use the power of the state against you?

Yes. Thatís what criminals do.

But obeying is no guarantee they wonít screw with you either. There are endless examples of unfair and unlawful prosecution of upstanding citizens.

So learn their limits then ignore any order that exceeds them. For example, everything they ordered regarding covid was blatantly outside their limited authority.

The sad thing is that ignorant enforcers obeyed unlawful orders and became criminals themselves by unlawfully enforcing. Enforcers need to read those constitutions more than anyone else.

WE are the law abiders. Governments are the criminals. We have the moral, lawful high ground.

Bow before no government, no leader.

Our system of self-government limits government authority to ONLY whatís stated in those constitutions. Non-government, God-created humans have absolute liberty to do anything and everything else.

We are not governments' servants. We are their MASTERS.

Failing to see through their con is the only thing that allows them to steal illegitimate power.

See through these little illusions and it becomes much easier to gain enlightenment on the big ones.


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