Sleep Your Way to Success

By Mike Johnson

Any investment in your sleep environment is always 100% risk-free. You cannot ever spend too much on the décor, furniture, mattress, bedding or pillows.

If wise, you spend a third of your life in this room. More specifically, on this mattress, under this bedding, on this pillow. The investment always pays off many times greater than the expense.

Sleep is free therapy. Free meditation. A free clearing and fresh start.

Short yourself on sleep and you short your life and goals.

The unwise see sleep as a reservoir of time that can be stolen from to advance goals faster.

What they don’t measure is physical and mental productivity.

Less sleep equals less vitality, less clarity and less productivity.

These people fight sleep. Fill their evenings with television, work, social events, late meals and drinks.

This not only reduces the time available to sleep, but greatly clogs the body and mind, making the sleep cycle work all the harder to relax, refresh and rejuvenate.

This makes you a thief of your own life.

Instead, enthusiastically invest in a full, deep night of sleep. This pays off by allowing you to do the same tasks in half the time, at twice the brilliance.

Not yet swayed by my argument?

Sleep on it.


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