Money is the Kindergarten of Life

By Mike Johnson

The poor trade priceless time for common money.
The rich trade common money for priceless time.

The mastery of money is the kindergarten of life.

It's nearly impossible to advance to higher grades until you escape the money trap.

The poor accumulate money.

The rich accumulate assets that earn them money while they sleep.

The poor rent a job.

The rich BUY an income stream.

The poor work for money.

The rich make money work for them.

Both avenues are available to anyone, no matter how much money and how many skills they have.

The magic of human beings is that we can evolve. Learn. Grow.

We all arrive naked, with a random shuffle of the cards. How we play those cards determines the circumstances of our lives.

The system is set up to push people into playing Go Fish.

The rich tune out the system and learn how to play Pinochle. It's just a different game. A different mindset. A different depth of choices and outcomes.

If you want more than what the herd gets, you have to ignore conventional wisdom, become your own expert and blaze your own trail.

Or, you can just study people who have already achieved the uncommon results you desire, and become an expert on the trail they followed. By their results, they've proven they discovered ways that work.

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