Medicine in the Ice Cream

By Mike Johnson

Some things just can’t be swallowed. Even if someone says it's good for you.
So our controllers sneak it into the ice cream.

You see this in newspapers and television and movies.
They drop a bit of poison that they'd call "medicine," into “entertainment” or “news” so you don’t notice you just swallowed it whole.

Lots of “medicine” can be hidden in causes.
They just hide something totally unpalatable within something that sounds pleasant.

Printing millions of fraudulent mail-in ballots becomes “voter access.”
Taxing you for normal life activity becomes “carbon credits.”
Accepting a bioweapon injection becomes “saving grandma.”

When offered something free from that sketchy ice cream truck, take a good hard look at the driver.

You're not going to like his "medicine."



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(Teaser: the same people who own mainstream media own the vaccine companies)


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