Crash Course in Manifestation

By Mike Johnson
Photo by Kelsey Merison/MTN News

I knew this would happen one day. Iím sure a thousand other drivers thought the same.

This home/woodshop business is located right on the curve of a 70 mph road. The speed limit is reduced to 55mph right there, so drivers can safely curve left to line up with a bridge that crosses the Clarks Fork River.

I always wondered how a guy could work or sleep inside, knowing vehicles were rocketing directly toward his house until they curved left at the last instant. It seemed likely that one day, someone would miss the curve.

It happened on Christmas Day.

A FedEx semi truck ďdoubleĒ (one semi pulling two large semi trailers) missed the curve, smashed through the guard rail and slammed into his building. As you can see, the structure is ripped off its foundation and basically destroyed.

Luckily it didnít injure the two residents. The truck driver complained of back pain but didnít seem seriously injured.

The accident destroyed already-completed furniture orders, lots of supplies and of course the ownerís workplace and home.

Now the owner is wrestling with FedExís insurance company to get payment moving. A news story by MTN News alerted FedEx (and the public) to the negative publicity. FedEx says theyíll get the owner an expedited solution.

Iíve driven past that building dozens of times over the past 27 years. I wonder if my worry played a role in the occurrence. Thousands of other drivers mustíve thought the same. The owner himself, must've thought about it every single day.

All those thoughts had to manifest somehow.

Yes, the building was positioned in a risky location. Iím sure the enticement of that riverfront lot played a role in its original construction.

But in retrospect, that building was doomed from the moment it was built.

It was just a matter of time.

And perhaps, a matter of all those concerned thoughts congealing into form.



MTN News article and video about the event


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