Dimes Into Dollars

By Mike Johnson

If your life depended on it, could you turn a dime into a dollar?

If so, you know enough to reach fast financial freedom. After 10Xing your money once, it's just a matter of scale.

Need an example? Buy a case of bottled water for $1.99. This is less than 10 cents per bottle.

Now chill the water and sell it at any outdoor event for $1.00.

Now push yourself to double those results by selling it for $2.00.

If you're creative, add a unique feature and sell it for $3.00.

Add a pretty label to the bottle. Create an attractive display. Present an outrageous, funny story of where the water came from. Learn how to juggle water bottles to attract attention. Donate a portion of each sale to a charity. Train your dog to give the bottle to your customer. Partner with the nearby pizzeria and give a discount coupon with each purchase.

You started with a dime, added personal power, wrapped it in sizzle and turned it into dollars.

This is just one way to get rich. It may be the most difficult. There are certainly easier and more passive ways.

I share those ways in my post "The Many Ways To Earn Income Besides Jobs"


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