Dollar Scholar

By Mike Johnson

Dollars and digits are just a store of value. Their only value is your ability to trade them for real things.
If you lose them before you trade them, you have lost that value.
This includes cash, bank accounts, retirement accounts, paper investments and pensions.

Unfortunately, you are losing them right now at a pace of 17% per year. This is the REAL rate of lost purchasing power via inflation ( This number will never get lower. In fact, it will continue to exponentially grow until your dollars and digits are worth zero.

The dollar is doomed. They have printed so many trillions of them from thin air that trust and value have been terminally destroyed. Its death is imminent. Every country throughout the world is now dumping their dollars and digits as fast as they can. They see how fast the purchase power is melting so they are converting them to physical goods and physical things.

A new financial system will soon be created. The transition however, could be catastrophic.

Will the cabal kill the current system on a Friday and launch a new system on Monday? Or will they let the system totally collapse (blaming it on anyone but them) and allow a few weeks or months of chaos, crime and starvation to cause desperation? Desperation that begs them for any assistance – including their programmable, digital “Fed-Coin” currency that gives them 100% control of our lives?

In either case, physical goods and physical property will be worth a hundred times more to you then, than they are today.

So the best advice is convert what you can, as fast as you can. Your dollar will never buy more than it will today. Every day you wait, it buys less.

Worse than inflation, is counter-party risk. If one big entity goes under, it can't pay others it owes. This cascade of default ripples through the entire system, causing non-payment in unexpected places.

The smart money realizes that paper statements are merely a promise to pay, not the payment itself. What can't be paid, won't be paid. If you can't touch it, you don’t own it.

In today's screwy world, a return OF investment is far more important than a return ON investment.



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