Risk & Monopoly

By Mike Johnson

Two board games taught me the framework of a successful life.

Risk and Monopoly.

Risk teaches world conquest. Your goal is to take over the geographical world. It quickly teaches the importance of strategic access points.

Once you own all countries within a continent, you earn a number of armies every turn. The larger the continent, the more armies you gain. Just one to four strategic locations can protect your continents. So itís important to first protect these access points. Once you've built up enough armies, you can attack to gain more territory. Those who own and defend the largest continents usually win the game.

Monopoly shares a simple lesson about real estate. BUY IT!

To win at Monopoly, you have to buy every property possible, every single turn. But you have to do it without running out of cash. Once you own a two or three property group, you can develop the property by buying houses. Once you own four houses, you can trade them for a hotel. Anyone who lands on those developed spaces has to pay you rent. The more houses, the more rent. Hotels demand the largest rent payments. Most games soon divide into rent payers and rent collectors. By this point, itís only a matter of time before the player with the most income property wins the game.

Successful people realize the most strategic access point is our mind. This is where you access life and life accesses you. Defend it at all costs first, then use it to gain big desires next.

If you steadfastly defend what can enter your mind Ė both from others and yourself -- youíre protected from attacks by conventional wisdom, fear, worry, laziness and low self-esteem.

Now you can amass the strength to push outward to acquire the knowledge and confidence to buy the income properties that win the game of financial and time freedom.

With time, money and strategic control of your mind, you can achieve anything.

This analogy also shows how a small change in perception makes a huge difference.

Because both games took hours to play, many of the kids I beat saw them as "bored games." I saw them as exciting learning to become the chairman of the board of my biggest desires.

Life is a game of strategy.

Those who play to learn the most, perceive the most, grow the most, and enjoy the most, WIN the most.


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