Burger Brain Blast

By Mike Johnson

Fifty percent of a hamburger’s taste comes from the environment where it’s served.
So of course, the best burgers are found in 1950’s Drive-Ins, served in red plastic baskets nestled next to fries.

Now place this time capsule in a quaint little town, along the cliffs of a scenic river and you have The Drive-In at Taylors Falls, Minnesota.

The town borders the Minnesota/Wisconsin state line, which lies in the middle of the St Croix River.

The burgers border perfection, helped by your high expectation just from their surroundings. But then they deliver the taste too.

I know burgers. Employed six years at McDonald’s, I’ve likely cooked more hamburgers than anyone you’ll ever meet.
For those misguided academics who respect credentials more than experience, I also hold a Bachelors Degree in Hamburgerology.
In your face professor.

Eye appeal is buy appeal. Looking the part is halfway toward BEING the part.

This works with burgers. This works with business. This works with people.

But you still have to provide actual results.

Do so, and positive word of mouth provides a healthy tailwind blowing you to success.

But fail to deliver results? Now negative word of mouth will eat you alive.

Look the part and BE the part. That’s what earns a “well-done.”

Sadly, this is getting more and more rare.

Don’t be that disappointing poser who makes people sigh, roll their eyes and mumble, “If only looks could grill.”


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