Fortunes Fly in Formation

By Mike Johnson

Statistically, you're never going to save a million bucks.

Which is a good thing because saving is the absolute worst way to ever achieve a comfortable retirement.

The rich don't save money. They acquire assets. They buy a Golden Goose (or an entire flock!) that generates passive income forever.

Then they "retire" NOW. No working and saving for decades.

Saving doesn't help the saver. It helps the banker. The broker. The government. It makes you their unwitting milk cow.

Your savings are melting in purchase power faster than they're growing. The account numbers get bigger but your purchasing power gets smaller.

Savers are easy marks for bankers, brokers and governments. They steal your savings through theft, fees, inflation, taxes and market crashes.

The right Golden Gooses are "free." They generate enough income to pay all their operational expenses, a big mortgage, a manager to run them and all your personal bills plus more. These Geese are typically already-established businesses or income properties. They are available to PURCHASE.

Buy one good Golden Goose and you're done with jobs and work schedules forever.

There are techniques to buy these with little money down. This saves massive amounts of time that you never have to repay.

To goose your financial literacy, remember these two truths:

Savers schlep on soil.

Fortunes fly in formation.

Of course you're free to do whatever you like. It's your time and money.

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