The Addams Family

By Mike Johnson

The most prolific producer in Hollywood history owes it all to Morticia Addams.

Aaron Spelling was married to Carolyn Jones for ten years until 1963. Spelling was a broke and frustrated actor when he and Carolyn fell in love. His prospects and self-esteem were so low, he was afraid to propose. So Carolyn asked him.

Later, Carolyn saw that Spelling’s real skill was writing. But he was stuck in the failed acting rut. So Carolyn gave him an ultimatum.

“Either you start seriously writing or I’m going to leave you.”

It worked. Spelling went on to write and produce more television series than anyone ever, including “Charlie’s Angels,” “Love Boat,” and “Beverly Hills, 90210.”

In 1964, after the couple amicably split, Spelling pushed ABC to audition Carolyn as Morticia Addams. They’d already hired someone else, but Carolyn knocked the producer’s socks off and got the role.

Carolyn Jones has been Morticia Addams ever since. She said she always loved that role and her time on the show. Her 64 episodes are in eternal syndication, giving her more airplay than 95% of all actresses who ever lived.

Retired, I’m free to fixate on anything. Lately it’s reruns of the original Addams Family. I find it amazing that I loved it as a kid and love it even more now. You can buy every episode on DVDs for $25 total. It’s the best $25 I spent this year.

It’s impossible to listen to the theme song without snapping your fingers. Vic Mizzy wrote that. He also wrote the brain-worm theme song for “Green Acres.”

I love The Addams Family because it’s quirky. Playful. Filled with wordplay. Clever one-liners. Outrageous situations and plots. Fun. Adventure. Whimsy. Never too serious.

All presented from the Addams’ unique perspective which totally explodes the limiting definitions of “normal.”

All in all, that's a pretty good model for life.



Carolyn Jones & Aaron Spelling

The Addams Family Theme Song Opening & Closing


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