One Red Paperclip

By Mike Johnson

We all start naked, with nothing.

Yet, look around. You've accumulated a massive amount of things, people, experiences, memories and skills. Clearly, you know the formula.

But over the years, we lose our momentum. Big desires seem too big and we settle for less. Then we start fearing the loss of what we already have. Now our momentum seems to be going the other way.

Kyle MacDonald faced that equilibrium with mediocrity. Bummed, he made a bold decision. Starting with one red paperclip, over one year, he made a series of 14 trades that resulting in him owning a house.

Now he knows he can pretty much do anything.

That is the value of stretching. The reward wasn't the house. The reward was becoming the person capable of getting the house, starting with just one red paperclip.

Enjoy this wonderful story here: From Paperclip to House

Get the book from the paperclip guy here: One Red Paperclip


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