Continental Divide

By Mike Johnson

One of our favorite movies, this 1981 romantic comedy stars John Belushi & Blair Brown.
As the name implies, itís set in the Rocky Mountains, near the fictional town of Victor, Wyoming.
As the name also implies, the characters are separated by chasms of geography, values and habitual daily activity.

Heís an investigative journalist living in downtown Chicago. Sheís an eagle researcher living in the remote Rockies of Wyoming.

Somehow, they fall in love and create workarounds to overcome all that.

In real life, thatís not so easy. To most people, virtually impossible.

People tend to stay in their tribe. Their upbringing. Their habits.

Which is fine. As long as that brings you happiness, desires, peace and love.

But what if it doesn't? What if you drifted into your current life situations and covet making different choices?

Youíll need to start asking yourself the tough questions. Face the truth. Compare where you are to where you want to be.

Youíll have to disengage auto-pilot, become self-actualized, write an escape plan and take proactive actions.

You donít have to do it all at once.

Some start small, test a few baby steps. Change the diet. Change the car. Change the job.

Some start big, forcing massive, immediate change. Change the house. Change the state. Change the spouse.

Both move the needle.

To make the best decisions, both also require solitude, quiet, and introspection away from the demands of the daily rat race.

For most people, this works best as soon as you awaken, before youíre hit with the demands of the day.

If thereís a continental divide between your desires and reality, itíll never change until you make time for YOU.

When I first saw this movie, I was still in corporate management, wanting freedom as a writer. In the city, wanting country. In Florida, wanting Wyoming.

Check. Check. Check. This advice worked for me.

Get up an hour early and work that escape plan. Itíll become your favorite hour of the day.

Or donít and lose another 24 hours without progress.

To close that divide, eat dessert first.

Think of it as your ďcontinental breakfast.Ē


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