13 Turkeys at the Post office

By Mike Johnson

No, not employees. Actual turkeys. A rafter of females specifically.
“Rafter” because they typically roost in trees (up in the rafters) overnight.

These gals range near my post office. They were pecking about there yesterday.

After exiting my home bordering America’s largest national forest, I also passed two large gaggles of geese, three herds of elk and the typical four-tification of hundreds of mule deer.

Living in the USA’s western Serengeti is quite the blessing.

After the post office, my remaining drive to town is surrounded by snowcapped mountains, passes through a state park, snakes along our 7-mile reservoir, skirts the Buffalo Bill Dam, coasts through three tunnels carved through a mountain, follows the river through a canyon, passes three hot springs and pops into Cody at the rodeo stadium. Not the worst 25-mile drive.

The better drive is when we come down the mountain and turn west. This is a spectacular 30-mile excursion to Yellowstone. On this road, we’ll encounter bighorn sheep, bison and moose. All before we even enter the park.

There are many ways to live.

Once you seize control of your income and time, you can choose any amazing geography that lights you up.

In today’s kooky world, the advantages of remote living are amplified by the turkeys running large cities.

When people can’t improve things by ballot, they show their displeasure by voting with their feet.

Unfortunately, corruption has a strong foothold in human nature. Many who realize this are abandoning the mass of “human” and going back to nature.

Fewer people equals fewer hassles, fewer expenses and fewer prescriptions.

It also equals more peace, more joy and more introspection.

If you know, you know.

If you don’t, you don’t.

How do you tell the difference?

Take a good look at the 13 turkeys at your post office.


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