Time to Burn

By Mike Johnson

I find the passage of time comforting. I like to “watch” it move.

Like fire, it’s totally unexplainable. It’s right in front of us but we can’t identify what makes it tick.

It just is. It’s a magic act that requires belief to participate here. It measures and marks and chronicles our life by second, minute, hour, day and year.

So of course, I love watches and clocks. The louder they tick, the better.

Both fire and time can be contained in your pocket. One by match, one by watch.

People are fond of lamenting the loss of time.

“Where did the week go?”

“I’d love to, but I’m too busy.”

“You can’t make more time!”

Actually, you can. Just steal the time from that huge reservoir that seems off limits. Employment.

Few people realize they can invest time like they invest money.

If you regularly invest a little time each day learning how to gain passive income, in a short time, all that time you give to an employer becomes YOURS.

Add in the commute, the primping and the worry, and you’re gaining back more than half your waking hours!

So you CAN make more time.

But only if an alarm goes off in your head. Until you awaken to this possibility, time is your master and you are its bitch.

I learned this secret three decades ago. Clutching it in my teeth, I dove into experience and proved its reality. Amazed, I’ve been sharing the how-to for a good 15 years.

All the while, I was also investing time learning about the motherlode of time -- eternal life.

Today, I am so rich in time that I no longer feel guilty about wasting it.

Which is yet another reason why I enjoy watching it move.

Over time, I have condensed the truth of time down to one line:

Time is a horrible master but a powerful partner.

It's my wish that you overcome the first, and reside in the second.



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