Name Your Adversity

By Mike Johnson

Imagine being a Domino’s manager but your name is Pete Zahut.

No matter how bad you have it, someone faces a tougher handicap.

Like the professional gambler named Max Alouser. Worse, his wife is named Mary.

How’d you like to risk your livelihood under all that negativity?

Or the FBI agent named Robyn Banks.

Poor gal has to go through life as a suspect in every heist.

Then there’s the lumberjack, Tim Burr.

Chainsaw by day, chain smoker by night. Poor Tim. Nerves shattered by his name bellowed all day long.

So you see, things can always be worse.

So buck up Scooter. Everyone has to overcome something. Luckily, you get to proactively decide how you face adversity.

Unless you believe you're trapped as adversity's puppet.

In which case, we'll just call you Mary Annet.


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