On the Inside Looking Out

By Mike Johnson

Are you on the outside looking in?

Or on the inside looking out?

The second is better because you've experienced both positions.

When you're outside looking in, you can only imagine what it's like on the inside.

When you're inside looking out, you remember and appreciate what it was like being outside. You immerse yourself in the memory of all it took to get inside. You overflow with humble pride for overcoming the adversities of the journey. You brim with gratitude for the grace and blessings that arrived at just the right times.

You wish everyone could experience the inside.

So you let them visit. Share a taste. Imagine themselves in the same position. Down a shot of inspiration.

But then, if they truly want to live "inside," they have to go back out and make the journey. It's both internal and external. All deserve it, but few will tackle the expedition.

But those who do, will learn that the reward isn't money. It isn't things. It's the inner peace, joy and appreciation of having become a person worthy of living inside, looking out.


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