How Many Ways Are You Insane?

By Mike Johnson

The herd is crazy. Let us count the ways.

College. Spectacularly expensive, ineffective at providing income skills and eats at least four years of your life. For most people, college is a massive waste of time and money. Worse, most people borrow that money.

Jobs. Trading time for money is the least effective way to earn it. Employment income carries the highest tax rates with the fewest tax deductions. Jobs require the most captivity, have the least income security and cannot be sold to harvest equity.

Retirement accounts. The poor and middle class acquire money to (hopefully) retire decades in the future. The rich acquire income-producing assets so they can retire NOW. All retirement accounts will soon be stolen.

Saving doomed dollars. The dollar is circling the drain. 17% real inflation ( will now get exponentially worse. Every country is dumping their dollars. Best to convert your melting dollars and digits to real, physical things while you still can. Every day you wait, your dollar buys LESS.

Trust. The herd still irrationally trusts government. Media. Money managers. Doctors. All are people and people can be easily corrupted. A global cabal owns the central banks which own 75% of everything else and nearly 100% of all leaders. This includes the media, military, corporate, judicial, medical and the vaccine companies that are eradicating humans. Mankindís "civilized society" systems are hopelessly corrupted. Trust God and doubt everything else.

Sports. Entire books have been written proving the NFL and NBA are rigged. Many other sports are too. Where there is big money, there is big corruption. Sports are heavily broadcast to distract citizens from scrutinizing government.

Elections. Massively rigged and corrupted. Local, state and federal. You can no longer vote your way to better leaders. Stolen elections negate all authority of those in power. Lawfully withhold your consent on anything they order. Starve the beast in every possible way.

Judicial system. Massively corrupt. Massively unfair. Massively in violation of the state and federal constitutions. Never recognize it as the final arbiter in anything. As a citizen, in a self-governing system, you are superior to all government and justice system employees. Become your own expert by reading the state and federal constitutions.

Cell phones. They have destroyed the world. They are tracking devices, data capture devices, blackmail devices, health-destruction devices and distraction devices. They have turned humanity into brainless zombies. As the final nail in the coffin, each user pays a monthly bill for the privilege.

History & reality. Most of what youíve been taught about our world is a fairy tale. Itís fabricated from thin air. Itís a narrative. Itís fake. It isnít true. From the big bang to evolution to global events and the very shape and nature of our "planet," all we know are the fairy tales that weíve been told. Yes, the lies are that enormous. Look deeper into any aspect and you quickly learn things are not as presented.

So what to do with all this? Fortunately, you are an individual spirit, not a body. You are an eternal soul that temporarily inhabits that body. You can ignore the herd, do your own research and make better decisions for your family.

The insanity will never stop. It exists as a challenge to encourage your awakening, growth and fidelity to higher thoughts. Despite appearances, the craziness is for your greater good. Based on the increasingly shrill insanity, time must be short and God must really, really care for us.

Enjoy the ride.


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