Renting Human Beings

By Mike Johnson

We live in a world where you can rent a human being.
I find this amazing. And a bit disturbing.

I've done this both ways. I’ve rented myself out to bosses and rented people to work for me.

Yes, I trafficked in bosstitution.

At the beginning, I believed I had no choice. I needed money. Jobs seemed to be the only place to earn it. Knowing no better, I pimped out my time to people willing to rent me for cash.

The work was moral but I still felt a little dirty. Submissive. Subservient. Like a naive freshman randomly pushed around by upperclassmen.

When people worked for me, I was uncomfortable being their “boss.” Who am I to order people around? Decide their schedule, their salary, their vacation dates?

Inside, I knew I was sovereign, so I knew they were sovereign too. Most didn’t realize that, so were vulnerable to abuse. I couldn’t stop being their boss, but I could prevent their abuse. I couldn’t give them freedom but I could treat them the way I wanted to be treated.

Many bosses don’t see things this way. These are the people who inspire “horrible boss” stories.

Surveys show that employees rarely quit due to the work, they quit due to that lousy boss.

This is the biggest peril of renting yourself out.

It's also the biggest motivator to find a better, sovereign way to earn income.

Like everything in life, experiencing what we don’t want, does us the favor of pushing us toward what we do want.

There is always a better way of doing things.

As a sovereign person, you are never permanently trapped.


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