By Mike Johnson

On a fall day, in 1963, I was a first grader sitting in reading circle. It was after lunch and I was daydreaming while another student was reading aloud. I was fixated on an odd thought.
What would happen if a bullet hit a head? Would it bounce off?

I had no frame of reference on the topic. I was young. Black & white TV killed off characters without blood in those days. When people were shot, they just fell over. And it was always a body shot, never the head. I couldn’t see how I’d ever resolve the question.

My thoughts were interrupted by the room’s public address speaker. School was abruptly ending for the day. Our teacher stepped into the hallway. Adults were milling about. She looked upset. She stepped back into the classroom and told us the president had been killed. It was just after 1pm on this Friday, but we were sent home.

Our television stayed on for the next three days. Now I saw my parents upset. And learned what happened when a bullet strikes a head.

Why was I thinking about that odd question at the exact time it was playing out in such horrible fashion 900 miles away?

That murder later consumed me to such a degree that I invested thousands of hours researching it from every possible source. What I learned destroyed my trust in authority, "news" and conventional wisdom forever. I've been a questioning contrarian -- about every topic -- ever since.

Yesterday, I was walking to the bathroom. The thought popped in that I better double back to grab the portable phone. So I did. And of course it rang while I was in the bathroom.

Whether it's a bullet in the head or a telephone in The Head, intuition is a sixth sense available to us all. We just need to be mentally clear enough to perceive it.

The more hectic our lives, the less chance intuition will ever be detected.

The loss of intuition is just one more negative caused by the activity storm of modern life.

Some other losses are critical thinking, clarity, peace, joy, inspired ideas and actions.

It is quite the irony that the more we chase our tail, the less chance we have of ever catching it.


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