Live Stream or Income Stream?

By Mike Johnson

If you can set up live streams in your TV, you can set up income streams in your life.

With live streams, you first make a decision to quit cable TV. You research options, buy a Roku or Fire Stick, go through the learning curve, do whatís needed to get it going, then harvest your rewards.

With income streams, you first make a decision to quit the job. You research options, buy a business or income property, go through the learning curve, do whatís needed to train a manager, then harvest your rewards.

Live stream or income stream, itís all the same. One just has a larger learning curve and larger rewards.

Neither required you to invent the system. You just buy something thatís already proven to work.

Neither cost much money. Rokus and Fire Sticks cost less than $50.

Businesses and income properties are FREE. This is because their existing income streams can pay their mortgage, all expenses, a manager to run them and all your personal bills too. Combine bank financing with owner financing and you need far less down payment than you imagine.

Learning how to buy businesses and income properties takes less time and effort than earning an associates degree. Yet it frees you from jobs and work schedules forever. It provides income streams that last forever. And it generates equity around the clock Ė even while you sleep -- forever.

Saving dollars to one day retire is now impossible. Dollars are losing 17% ( of their purchasing power every year. Youíll never overcome that rate of melt with pay increases or investment income.

So you need a workaround.

The rich donít work to acquire money. The rich acquire income streams that generate money so they donít have to work.

The poor and middle class work jobs to save money, hoping they can retire in 40 years. The rich buy income streams and retire NOW.

Now you know what the rich know.

What will you do with this valuable insight?

Live stream or income stream?



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