Living Examples

By Mike Johnson

You were born naked and owned nothing but potential.
What youíve done with that potential is the story of you.

Those with the eyes to see, gain inspiration from the visible parts of your story that they also admire and desire.

The world is a living library. Each person is a non-fiction book revealing how they turned potential into reality.

Some do us the favor of teaching what NOT to do. Observation of calamity from afar is easy learning.

Others do us the favor of openly sharing their journey in print.

Documenting your story is a gift to others. Words, like bread crumbs, provide a trail to destinations others covet.

You never know whoĎs watching. You may be the only bible some other soul ever reads.

But always remember that your way is not the only way. Or even the best way. But itís an example. An inspiration. A how-to.

The wise seek out othersí stories so they can poach the best aspects to maximize their own stories.

The fastest way to gain any desire is to study people who have already achieved it.

If youíve achieved things that others also desire, I recommend documenting your journey. Itíll connect dots. Clarify your thoughts. Help you understand why you chased what you did.

But best of all, it helps you concisely describe how you did it.

That is the gift that keeps giving long after youíve departed.


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