Without Sales, Are You Really a Writer?

By Mike Johnson

Iím a fan of claiming the life you imagine.
So claiming yourself a writer without any outside confirmation is the first step to arrival. Everyone starts at zero.
The more you do it, the more you become it.

Most writers are novelists. Yet non-fiction outsells fiction by two-to-one.

But money is only one payoff. The best reasons to write are for yourself. Itís fun creating art. Writing also captures and clarifies your thoughts and life events. Clarity allows better life decisions.

Earnest Hemingway had a practical writing philosophy.

Live a brave, adventurous life then write about it.

His desire to write big stories pushed him to live a big life.

His stories about this big life (both fiction and non-fiction) created entertainment and inspirational value for people who admired those journeys.

These people traded their value for his value. They bought his stories.

I highly recommend documenting your imaginations and your life with the art of writing. Youíll gain many benefits.

But consider taking it a step farther. Use your writing desire to live large, document your achievements, then artfully share them.

Now youíve created the highest value for yourself and others. Entertainment. Enlightenment. Example. Emotion. Encouragement.

How will you know that you've created this value?

People give you MONEY for your words.



Writing is a Super Power


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