Your Heroic Victory Over Adversity

By Mike Johnson

Mental pain is temporary.
But this is nearly impossible to discern when going through adversity.

It’s human nature to imagine the present is going to be your future forever.

The only escape is to create a gap in your thoughts so a new thought can enter.

People are good at selecting bad options to create that gap.

Booze. Drugs. Sex. TV.

These choices do temporarily stop the thoughts that are driving you mad.

But if you don’t allow or introduce a better, higher thought or mantra, they’ll create more problems by their side effects.

And you’ll return to the perpetual replay of those painful thoughts too.

There are better choices to create the gap.

Exercise. Nature. Sunshine. Quiet. Meditation. Watch comedy. Read an uplifting book.

Now repeat a mantra that affirms you are already free from the adversity.

“I am mentally stronger every day.”
‘”I easily erase all pain.”
“I am the guardian of what I allow in my brain.”

Repeat it a thousand times a day. Every time painful thoughts arise, smother them with the mantras. Do not let them breathe.

For other practical solutions for your specific situation, find and research people who have overcome what you’re facing. They have the best advice because they beat the challenge.

Pain and adversity are temporary. You are bigger than them by a factor of a hundred. You've proven this by overcoming so much more during your lifetime.

Pain and adversity are opportunities to make you realize this. They push you to gain strength. Stouter mental control. New talents. Better life situations.

Unlike pain and adversity, these benefits are PERMANENT.

Hang in there. Your heroic victory is certain. This challenging adventure will soon be one of your proudest achievements.


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