How to Live in Luxury 24/7/365

By Mike Johnson

Itís easy to languish in luxury.
Just appreciate everything.

The warm cocoon of your bed.
The dogís joyful enthusiasm for your awakening.
That first sip of hot mocha on a cold morning.

Everyone lives in luxury when they exude gratitude.

Gratitude is a force field that repels negativity, fear, worry, hate and lack.

Itís also the best prescription known to man because your brain is a pharmacy.
Grateful thoughts automatically launch an array of feel-good chemicals. Free of charge, in whatever quantities you desire.

Gratitude is the great multiplier. It makes everything better, sweeter, opulent.

Pity the people who chase externals to experience luxury.

They slave for years, claw their way up career ladders and destroy relationships for the cars, the jewelry, the mansions, the trips abroad.
Yet when they capture that luxury, theyíre often stunned to realize luxury is not a thing, itís a feeling.

And any pauper can achieve it immediately, without leaving home.

Take the shortcut. Live in gratitude and you live in luxury.


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