Too Much

By Mike Johnson

We do not suffer from too little, we suffer from too much.

As an idea addict, I fear missing out. One of my core beliefs is that there is always a better way to do something.

So I am constantly mining “idea ore” in search of gold nuggets.

So of course I own hundreds of books.

I just perused one shelf in my personal development section. It was an embarrassment of riches. Platinum, shelved next to diamonds, bracketed by gold. Any random book would be an amazing blueprint for an entire society. A single page, fully understood and applied, would guarantee a successful life.

With ideas, a little goes a long way. Yet I'm sitting on lifetimes of wisdom gained by masters such as Thoreau, Carnegie, Hill, Ziglar and THE Master, Christ.

We’re swimming in ideas. Everything known is online, in a library or on your home bookshelf or Kindle. Most of it is free of charge. And what isn’t, is so inexpensive as compared to its actual value as to be inconsequential.

If we were to just grab one favorite book and devote 30 minutes a day to one of its pages, we’d soon become ten times the people we are today. This is the power of internalizing one idea and putting it into action.

A handful of seed can grow an entire forest. So in your yard, you plant one seed at a time. More just overwhelms the space.

Imagine what a handful of ideas can grow. And we do. Which is why we rarely clutch just one and see it through. We're overwhelmed.

We complain that we're locked into some lesser life while the walls are literally built out of keys that open the lock!

Shrink your focus. Fixate on one good book. Commit to one good idea. Grab one key. See it through. It's enough to take you anywhere you want to go.


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