Your Departure Party

By Mike Johnson

At the end, it’s not what you achieved, it’s who and how many you touched.

The journey to achieve your biggest desires is just the universe’s clever tomfoolery to make you brush up against people.

You think you’re writing your opus, but you’re actually LIVING it.

In the 1995 movie “Mr. Holland’s Opus,” he takes a job as a music teacher to earn money to support his wife and son. He’ll then use his free time to work on his real passion, writing his symphony.

But as so often happens with jobs, his involvements with people and projects keeps growing, leaving no time for his top desire.

Over thirty years at school and home, Mr. Holland is swallowed by activity, events, projects, challenges and personalities. His symphony gets shelved.

Then budget cuts force tough decisions and the principal axes the music program, putting Mr. Holland out of his job. Despondent, he thinks his life has amounted to nothing.

Ah contraire.

If only everyone could get such an earthly life review as Mr. Holland receives at the end of the movie. I get misty every time I relive it.

Such an emotional gathering awaits you – either on earth or beyond.

Who will attend your departure party? Who have you impacted in memorable ways?

These are the notes that will resonate and amplify the symphony of your life.


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