Message Boreds

By Mike Johnson

A local convenience store is oblivious to the power of message boards.
Their board hangs under its large road sign. For the past two months it’s said the same thing: “XLg Hershey bars on sale.”

For starters, few buy those bars. So the message adds little sales or profit. Then they don’t even share the price, which COULD be exciting if they only cost a nickel or dime. Then to amplify the failure, they never change the message.
Now they look boring AND inept.

Far more people buy fountain drinks or fresh sandwiches. These also earn far more profit than candy bars. More chance for real results here. But even advertising those would still under-utilize prime space.

Instead of offering a deal on a single product, why not make everyone fall in love with you?

Here’s what my Dairy Queen posted in January: “Ruining your New Years resolutions since 1953.”

Here’s what my 1970’s Pronto Car Wash posted: “Tonto takes his Pinto to Pronto.”

Here's what I once saw on a bait shop: "Our worms catch fish or die trying."

Fun. Quirky. Playful. I love those businesses just from reading their messages.

Businesses create a personality with their message boards. Personality attracts far more people, who spend far more money.

Would you rather attract dates by offering term papers? Or attract dates who seek you out because they’ve fallen in love with your personality?

You attract more bees with love than bribery.

No matter what you post, you’re sending a message.

I'm tempted to make a midnight change on that convenience store message board myself.

"Day 62... XLg Hershey bars STILL on sale.
Buy the last 4 or we'll never change this sign."


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