Beat Them With Your Closed Wallet

By Mike Johnson

Today, tens of thousands of corporate employees at McDonald’s will learn if their job changes, or if they have a job at all.
The changes are going to be so numerous that the company told office workers to cancel all meetings and stay home this week. Offices are closed. The company will inform employees of the changes “virtually.”

Not exactly good bedside manner. More like arrogant master dictating to peons.

At least the McDonald’s brass revealed what they think of workers. Now there’s no doubt they see them as subservient slaves.

What workers do with that information is up to them.

The awake and aware will tell McDonald’s to pound sand no matter what they decide. Putting everyone through this fearful drill is a failure of leadership and human decency.

As a former McDonald's worker, manager and customer, I’ve had it with the company. The aroma has left the rose.

They donated millions to organizations that burned down cities. They aggressively pushed the bioweapon injections. They jam wokeness on everyone. Their menu prices have exploded higher. They’ve been mistreating franchisees for years.

And now workers.

Luckily, all of us can tell McDonald’s – and every other woke and callous business -- what we think by closing our wallets.

Not another red cent. EVER.

We can do the same with every illegitimate leader and government.

WE have the power. THEY are the peons.

It’s time to remind them of this “virtually.”


Here's what happens if you don't push back: Beyond the Reset (somber, but enlightening 24-minute animated movie)


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