Easter Kicks Their Keister

By Mike Johnson

Photo: "Prince of Peace" painted by Akiane Kramerik. At age 4, Akiane started hearing and seeing Jesus in visions. She painted this Jesus portrait at age 8. Its accuracy was verified by Colton Burpo ("Heaven is For Real") who visited heaven and met Jesus.

Jesus Christ defeated death and promised we can too. His story has been proven by eye witness testimony, ancient texts, archeology discoveries and the bible.
This is the amazing reality that trumps every other “reality” on earth.
If you believe the Jesus story, nothing can permanently hurt you.

Another benefit of believing in Christ’s resurrection is the knowledge that he is superior to the evil elites purposely destroying our planet.

These dark lost souls, at the least, face a devastating life review, or at the worst, eternal damnation. Redemption is always possible, but statistically, most will face that shocking moment of justice where they learn the stark truth – they spectacularly failed as human beings. They will personally feel and experience everything they did to others.

Some say these devils in charge are not people at all. They are soulless. That may be true. They certainly act like it.

Normal people do not purposely inflict pain and suffering on others. Normal people have a conscience that restricts bad behavior against others.

Our best defense is to live the lives we’ll be proud to discuss on the other side. Clean living and a clear conscience is its own reward because wherever you go, there you are. You get to live with that roommate in your head.

Doing what’s moral and righteous IS the easy path. It’s also the correct path. A well-lived life is the fair price you pay for being given the opportunity.

We all will die an earthly death.

99.9% of us will not experience the agony experienced by Christ on the way out of earth’s realm.

Our deaths will be easy in comparison. Our lives are easy in comparison.

Jesus blazed the trail. We just have to follow it.

All the way to eternal life.


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