Eternal Life & Eternal Freedom

By Mike Johnson

The good news from Christ is that you can gain eternal life.

The good news from the Declaration of Independence and your state and federal constitutions is that you can immediately gain eternal freedom from government tyranny.

In both cases, this is THE LAW. Godís law and his sovereign peoples' law.

Tyrants who overstep their lawful authority take your silence and compliance as CONSENT. Do you consent?

If you do not, you can lawfully refuse to obey. Refuse to pay. Refuse to let their tyranny stay.

You do not need courts. Or lawyers. Or permission.

Governments only have the authority we have delegated them in the constitutions.

Read the documents. You quickly see they have massively overreached their authority. Any law or order that's not defined in the documents, is unlawful and immediately null and void.

No one is required to obey. If they force compliance, THEY are the criminals and deserve the stiffest punishments for operating under the color of law.

YOU are the master. Government is the servant. You have individual liberty, granted by GOD and defined in the constitutions and Declaration of Independence.

You are smart enough to read the documents and determine what is law and determine what is government overreach.

Lawfully withdraw your consent from all overreach and government tyrants lose their power.

People are superior to government because we CREATED government. Plus, we out-number them and their enforcers by 10,000 to 1.

Educate yourself about the vast, lawful powers you never knew you had by watching: It will be the best 84 minutes you spend this year.

If you've taken as much government tyranny and insanity as you can stand, this movie provides the information you need to immediately turn the tables and regain your individual liberty and freedom.

Knowledge is power. Knowledge is prosperity. Knowledge is peace.


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