Jury Nullification

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By Mike Johnson

Government cannot lawfully prosecute, convict and jail anyone without the approval of a jury of citizens.

This is because in our system of self-government, citizens are superior to government.

Our justice system was purposely created to make it difficult for government to jail people.

If you are seated on a jury, you have absolute power to vote anyway you like. You can lawfully ignore doubtful “evidence.” You can lawfully ignore “law.” If you believe a “law” is unfair or unconstitutional, you can vote to acquit the citizen no matter what evidence is brought.

When government gets tyrannical, as most of ours are right now, we have a built-in protection. Citizens, seated on juries, can lawfully tell the prosecuting governments HELL NO! Just one "not-guilty" vote acquits a citizen.

No one can prosecute a jury member for how they voted on a jury. Just vote your conscience and explain nothing to anyone.

Any citizen on a jury can lawfully rat-fuck any unfair government prosecution by voting to acquit. This is called jury nullification.

You have 100% authority and latitude to decide how to vote, despite what corrupted judges and lawyers may tell you otherwise.

Don’t think the income tax is legal or fair? Vote to acquit in all tax cases.

Don’t think the charges against a former president are legit? Vote to acquit.

Don’t think January 6 was an actual insurrection? Vote to acquit.

Citizens are superior to government.

Citizens on juries have the opportunity to slap government back into its subsurvient place.

Jury duty is a rare chance to directly defend your fellow citizens from tyrannical governments. Use it righteously and aggressively.



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