Frozen Assumptions

By Mike Johnson

When the kitchen fridge crapped out, we thought we’d had a good run. The thing was 27 years old.
The freezer side still worked, which seemed to confirm something was broken in the chill side.
So we bought a pricey replacement.

While waiting a week for the new one to be delivered, the freezer side crapped out.

While emptying this side, I detected the problem. A baggie holding a frozen hamburger had blocked the air vent behind the bottom food bin. The vent had frozen over, freezing the deep innards of the machine, stopping the flow of coolant.

My non-mechanical brain scrunched and flexed. I decided to turn it all off and let it thaw for 24 hours.

A day later, a flashlight confirmed the vent and innards were free of ice.

I turned the machine back on and immediately saw I’d brought it back to life. The chill side was blowing cold air. The freeze side was blowing icy air. An hour later, the ice maker was even producing again.


I was happy I’d fixed the thing, but stung by prematurely spending money to replace it.

Oh well, it’s still good news for us both. We’ll let it live out its last retirement years as a barn fridge. And enjoy a newer model in the kitchen.

Many lessons here.

I’d signed its death certificate too soon. It hadn’t died of old age, we’d killed it. Our inattention had blocked its ability to properly function. My assumption without looking deeper caused a premature expense.

Once I removed the blockage and ice, it happily returned to efficient operation.

We’re all built to miraculously work. Mental and physical sickness is just a symptom that we’ve blocked something required for efficient operation.

Without looking deeper, we never realize our bodies and minds didn't just break, we’re killing them.

“Unplugging” is nature’s way of resetting ourselves to our healthy default position.

Deep sleep, meditation, time alone, escape from the rat-race and quitting unhealthy physical vices are the best ways to reset.

What’s blocking your efficient operation?


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