Null Your Rates

By Mike Johnson

This is your brain.

This is your brain on thoughts.

You don't stop a three-axis spin by adding more movement.

You null the rates one axis at a time until you return to calm equilibrium.

When you awaken, before your first conscious thought, you rest at this equilibrium. Your very first thought nudges you in a direction.

"Ugh. I'm still tired."

The second thought puts a spin on that. "Crap. I have to work today."

The third seals your fate. "For that asshole boss."

Each thought adds more momentum to the last & off you spin in random, exponential directions you do not control.

Each thought launches a random feeling. You now step into your day, trying to run your life with a dumpster fire raging in your brain & body. You'll never recover navigational control without learning how to null your rates.

Of course, the best way is to never start the spinning at all. Once awake, rather than accept anything that pops into your head, SELECT the first five empowering thoughts from a script you wrote before.

But if you're already spinning, AWARENESS is your tool to return to equilibrium.

Notice the spin. Stop adding to it. Think of a calming mantra instead. Step away from people & phones. Recenter. Null the rates.

Now repeat your first five scripted thoughts.

Start over.


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