It's All on Me

By Mike Johnson

America has 330 million very busy people. I ran some numbers & am absolutely gobsmacked by the results.

Of those, 156 million are employed & 30 million own their own businesses.

77 million are enrolled in some sort of school.

20 million are having medical issues, 17 million are drug addicts, 16 million are alcoholics, 7 million are stuck in the justice system.

7 million are under age 5 or over age 90.

That accounts for everyone except me.

Do you know what that means? I'm the only person in America with enough time and attention and brain power to save this country!

Itís all on me.

Unfortunately, Iím retired. Iíve done my time. Youíre on your own, Scooter.

Fortunately, Iíve posted over 500 snippets of critical knowledge right here. Read them in order or randomly pick a headline and dive in. Let destiny decide.

Unless you canít read. 14% of Americans can't. 54% of Americans have reading proficiency below the sixth grade level. 33% never read a book after high school.

Now you see what we're up against.

Nobody is going to save this country. You can only save yourself.

Just the way God designed it.


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