Crime Solutions Aren't Racist

By Mike Johnson

The Walmart near my buddy’s house in Minneapolis is closing.
The corporate cover story is that the store was “underperforming.”
The truth is that their customers and employees were brazenly stealing them blind.

The local police reported they received more than 6,000 trouble calls from the store over the past five years.
That’s 3.3 calls per day.
Shoplifting, arguments, drug deals, assaults and shootings were the bulk of the problems.

Walmart has given up on 20 stores across 11 states that are "underperforming." They can’t find enough quality employees in those communities. Worse, a percentage of those communities' customers are feral, dangerous and cannot be rehabilitated.

Feral humans are destroying communities in and near big cities all across America.

Mayors and police have given up too. It’s unfixable because leaders won’t openly define the problem. So the only choice for citizens is to move away from the area.

The Minneapolis “woke” newspaper barely mentioned the crime aspect of my buddy's Walmart closing. But the comments from readers reveal they know what’s happening.
And they’re not afraid to say it. It’s predominately blacks destroying these communities.

To their credit, they aren’t saying the blacks are feral because of their race, they are feral because their families, upbringing, education and communities are broken.

In most video footage of crime mobs in Minneapolis and other cities, the rioters, looters, shoplifters and assaulters are predominately black.

Citizens see this. Cops see this. The woke people and media pretend they don’t.

FBI statistics (2018) show African Americans represent 13% of the USA population but are responsible for 53% of murders and 54% of robberies. For crimes committed by those under 18 years old, blacks are responsible for 58% of the murders and 64% of the robberies.
This is why police watch blacks more closely than other races. Personal experience.

Statistics also reveal the cities with the worst crime problems are led by democrats.

Due to woke leaders and woke media pounding the racist, anti-cop, anti-white narrative, police in these cities now avoid confronting blacks because it only brings trouble to themselves.

So crimes go unpunished. Shoplifters don’t even try to hide their thefts.
Stores like Walmart close. Everyone in the community loses.

Is it all blacks? Of course not.

Is it all democrats? Of course not.

Broken homes cause broken children in ANY race and ANY political party. These broken children then reproduce, perpetuating the lack of love, discipline and education humans require to function as productive members of society. Clueless and skill-less, drugs, gangs and crime become their easy choice. Then they breed more of the same, each generation more feral than the last.

Black-on-black shootings and assaults are the largest segment of violence in America. The inner-city black communities will either perpetually kill themselves or take responsibility for their plight. It starts as an individual journey. The first step to fixing a bad situation is to stop playing the victim card and take responsibility for your predicament. The second step is physically removing yourself from the broken environment.

Then we have to discuss values, character, self-esteem, education, self-discipline, role models and how to control our thoughts. Training humans is tough and complex duty.

This is obvious information. But leaders and their media refuse to openly discuss it. In fact, they lie and say the problems are due to whites and cops victimizing blacks. They use race as a way to divide us.

As we fight among ourselves, leaders' power grows. These evil leaders are far worse humans than the feral criminals.

My buddy’s neighborhood is separated from that Walmart “bad area” by a major highway. In cities, these geographical lines seem safe. In reality, due to an invention called “bridges,” this safety is only an illusion.

My buddy doesn’t yet realize it, but it's only a matter of time before he follows that Walmart out of town.


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