New Normal

By Mike Johnson

I’m giving up the race to maintain “normal.”

In the past few weeks, we’ve had to replace both our personal computers, the stove and fridge, and deal with minor medical issues for us and our pets.

Keeping things “normal” is time consuming and expensive work.

Now the main car is in the shop. The dealer doesn’t have enough help. A simple brake job is going to take days. They can’t say how many. Other intermittent issues couldn’t be diagnosed so I know they’ll return. Parts are off-the-charts expensive. IF they can get them. Despite their sketchy customer service, it still takes three weeks to get an appointment.

I can easily make the case to drop back to one car. We ran that way for years in the past.

I listened to the service manager tell me that the broken tire pressure sensor – which is totally unnecessary anyway – will cost over $600, despite the pricey warranty I’d bought. He hadn’t taken the time to verify my coverage yet.

As he spoke, I was wishing I’d learned how to maintain my own cars. Older, less complex cars.

Like the book, “Atlas Shrugged,” we’re watching the slow collapse of society. In today’s world, complexity is your enemy.

I’m already actively simplifying. No smart phone. No televised sports addiction. No satellite TV. No travel or activity addiction. Remote home location. Passive income. Retired. Deepening my connection to God. A happy recluse.

If the lights go out, I have enough candles and books to entertain myself forever. Or wife and I can play board games and ping-pong until the rapture. Or just talk, think and meditate.

Simplification is forcing itself on the masses. Inflation, short-staffing, broken supply chains and corrupt governments will do that. Bare-bones necessity is coming whether you want it or not.

There’s a new “normal” coming and most people will be unable to cope.

Best to proactively get ahead of it on your own terms while you still can.



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