What If?

By Mike Johnson

What if you were really, truly made in Godís image?
What if your true nature is universal consciousness, not matter?
What if nothing is real until you bring it into your consciousness?

What if 80 years here is 5 minutes there?
What if earth life is the dream and spirit life is the reality?
What if your spirit lives forever?

What if you only sent 20% of your awareness to earth and kept 80% over there?
What if you could tap into your higher self for answers?
What if you could tap into God for answers?

What if all adversity is for your greater good?
What if you realized every adversity arrives with the gift you most need?
What if all adversity is actually love that you havenít yet recognized?

What if youíre not aware that you have a thousand more levels of awareness?
What if youíre capable of becoming one hundred times the person you are today?
What if youíre an eagle, walking in the dirt, swearing at the sky?

What if youíre actually Hercules, complaining about lifting a feather?
What if you lived with the grace of knowing youíd already won?
What if you used this grace to help lighten the loads of others who still think they're competing?

What would change in your life if all of this were true?


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