How to Find Good Movies

By Mike Johnson

You usually know within the first five minutes. Enthralling music. Lovable characters. Compelling situation and setting.

But experience reveals that mainstream reviews are a bad way to find good films. Friends' referral tastes may differ from yours. Trailers are often the only good bits in the entire film.

We were big fans of Richard Curtis movies before we ever realized there was a Richard Curtis. But as soon as we learned that “Love Actually,” “Notting Hill” and “Yesterday” were all written, directed and produced by the guy, we searched for a list of ALL his movies.

This led us to “About Time,” one of our top-10 favorite films.

Actor Bill Nighy – used often by Richard Curtis -- is also one of our favorites. So we searched for all his films. More jackpots discovered.

Online movie streaming sites also occasionally reveal a good selection in its list of “You might also enjoy…”

We extend the love we feel from our favorite movies by buying some of the soundtracks. Now they play in pre-dawn darkness while I’m writing this.

Once you discover a wonderful movie, you get the fun of introducing it to your friends. Seeing it through their eyes is almost as thrilling as watching it for the first time.

Adding a specific process to our otherwise random movie search has identified lots of gold nuggets, quickly.


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