RFK, Here We Go Again

Photo credit: Sven Walnum, The Sven Walnum Photograph Collection/John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston

By Mike Johnson

The tallest blades are always cut first,
Devils must feed constant blood thirst.
The cabal kills our best and our brightest,
We’re slow to realize they are our rightest.

He was just nine when they killed uncle Jack,
Shot in the front, but claimed from the back.
Father dropped next, shot by his guard,
Tie on the ground proved he'd grabbed very hard.

Now Bobby’s third child is running for Prez,
Next Kennedy on top, like a dispenser of Pez.
Like all the rest, he’s handsome and wise,
If disaster occurs don't be fooled by disguise.

If only our hopes would manifest in flesh,
America’s idealism could grow and refresh.
But the cabal owns it all, none on the level,
Our highest positions stolen by devils.

Our system is sound, the best in the land,
It’s the humans in charge that got out of hand.
Voting won’t work because it is fixed,
So honesty, law and justice are nixed.

Cabal owns the media and cabal owns the schools,
Citizens stamped out with the brains of fools.
But some see Gov and cabal share the same bed,
Because challengers are censored or turn up dead.

RFK sees, though an imperfect man,
Born in the midst of an imperfect clan.
But they fought against evil until they were snuffed,
Tyranny won’t stop ‘til the cabal is rebuffed.

Everyone dies, but when and how?
Will you die in courage, or cowardly kowtow?
Choose to fight evil, no matter the cost,
Eternal life awaits, so nothing is lost.


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