Funny Investments

By Mike Johnson

I converted some more fake money into real goods yesterday.
This time, 49 digital dollars for 19 time capsules.
I purchased a pile of comic books dated 1957-1969.

I didn’t really need them. I just wanted them. But then digital dollars will soon be worthless anyway.
These days, I find myself frequently asking, “Would I rather have this real thing, or this fake money that will soon be worthless?”
The real thing is winning most of these short debates.

The entire world is dumping the US dollar as fast as it can. Last year, the dollar lost more market share than it ever has. The speed of loss is accelerating exponentially now.

Countries are exchanging goods in their own currencies. They are selling-off their US treasury bonds. They are converting dollars into real goods.

Saudi Arabia, the country that promised to only sell oil for US dollars in exchange for US defense, has negated that deal. They are now selling oil for Chinese yuan, Russian rubles and who knows what else. Oil only sold for dollars is what creates much of the demand for dollars. Once that’s gone, trillions of US dollars will flood back to our shores, causing hyperinflation.

REAL inflation is now running 17% ( The Federal Reserve says it is fighting this by raising interest rates. This makes everything more expensive, which slows the economy, which lowers demand for dollars more.

But trillions of dollars are overseas and they are heading back here. More dollars = less value per dollar. As the purchase power of dollars melt, people spend them fast before they buy less. Dollars become a game of hot potato. So inflation is certain to spiral into the death of the US dollar.

When the unit of money dies, commerce stops. No production. No shipping. No fuel. No food in stores. No utilities. No medicine. Mad max world.

The cabal is also purposely lowering (killing) the global population via the bioweapon injections (and many other ways). These injections have not only killed millions and disabled hundreds of millions, they also cause miscarriages, stillbirths and sterility. Birth rates have plummeted across the world.

In America alone, up to 70% have taken at least one injection. Every booster makes your health worse. It’s well-worth your time to research how to mitigate those effects. The same credentialed-but-censored doctors who warned the injections are poison, now try to help remove that poison using anti-parasitic drugs and vitamins.

All of this has happened in near silence because the cabal owns the vaccine companies, media, governments and approved “experts.” Only those who search for their own information outside mainstream media understand what is happening. It's an open-book IQ test with life or death consequences.

It seems to be happening in slow motion, right until events cascade over the cliff.

In a sad, frustrating and twisted way, it’s funny how many people remain blind to the evil.

That’s just one more reason why, in today’s world, comic books are a good investment.

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