By Mike Johnson


Songs, places & products are markers that shadow our travel through life.

I find these very comforting.

I watched Old Faithful geyser erupt at age 10. It was a stunning miracle. I had no idea Id one day live nearby. Several times each summer, I watch that geyser erupt again. Now Im 64. No matter what happens in my life, that geyser keeps erupting. The geezer & the geyser. Were buddies. Its a marker.

Just now, I heard the song Judy in Disguise from 1968. I remember buying that record at age 11. I had no idea Id one day be listening to that tune from my own log cabin. It has played when I was rich & poor, young & old, elated & devastated. Its a marker.

A few weeks ago, I got a wild hair & bought some grape Kool-Aid. The same mix as a kid one cup of sugar to 8 cups of water. Same taste. Same memories. Its a marker.

Time is a tide that keeps washing in songs, places & products that track with us forever. Markers that observe our life from beginning to end.

Imagine your life from the perspective of a geyser, a song, a famous drink. Now multiply this by the millions of people exposed to those same markers. Oh the things theyve seen.

Is the world moving for us, or are we moving for the world?

Awareness is in the eye of the beholder.


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